Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid Originals: The Oldest Known Photo Of Serial Killer?

jeffrey dahmer polaroid originals

jeffrey dahmer polaroid originals

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid Originals are some of the most disturbing and notorious images in history. These photos, taken between 1978 and 1991, depict Dahmer in various states of undress, often posing with his victims. Some believe that this is the earliest known photo of Dahmer – and that it was taken by him himself. If true, it would make Dahmer one of the earliest adopters of Polaroid photography. To date, no one has been able to confirm whether or not this is actually a photo of Jeffrey Dahmer. But even if it isn’t, the photograph is still a chilling reminder of one of history’s most notorious serial killers.

Background of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid Originals: The Oldest Known Photo Of Serial Killer?

The oldest known photo of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is a polaroid taken in May of 1977. The photo, which has not been publicly seen until now, was auctioned off by Dahmer’s father in 2001. The photo is just a black and white image of a young Jeffrey Dahmer with his arms around two teenage boys. This photograph may hold some clues to explain Dahmer’s murderous behavior.

The Polaroid Originals

In 1978, Jeffrey Dahmer photographed himself for the first time – on a Polaroid camera. The photo, which Dahmer kept in a scrapbook, is thought to be the oldest known picture of the serial killer. Dahmer’s photograph has never been officially authenticated, but some experts believe it may be authentic.

Dahmer was arrested and convicted of 17 murders in 1991. He was executed by lethal injection in 1994.

Discussion on the Photo

The photo in question is a Polaroid snapshot of Jeffrey Dahmer that was taken on May 19, 1978. At the time of the photo’s capture, Dahmer was living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The picture has been widely speculated to be the oldest known photo of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Although no one can be 100% certain, experts believe that the photograph may have been taken by Dahmer himself. Dahmer often posed for Polaroid shots and often included puns and dark humor in his compositions. Furthermore, the background of the image appears to match that of a previously documented photograph of Dahmer taken at a similar location. If accurate, this would make the photo one of Dahmer’s earliest known works and would likely add to speculation about its authenticity.

Regardless of whether or not the photo is actually from Jeffrey Dahmer’s personal archives, it remains an interesting artifact from one of America’s most notorious murderers.


Recently, an old Polaroid camera belonging to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was auctioned off and a photo from it was published in the press. The photograph has been identified as being one of the earliest known photos of Dahmer, which leads some people to believe that this may have been the very same camera that captured his most heinous crimes. If you’re interested in learning more about Jeffrey Dahmer and his life, be sure to check out our article on him to get a better understanding of who he was and what drove him to commit such atrocities.

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